Posted by kecoak on Apr 20, 2010

Zero Day – MC Frontalot

They take the world over one node at a time.
They put the seed in some software and make it shine.
so the dimwitted among us grab tight and install
put it right on the wall, and don’t notice at all
that the celebration of a day impends.
I want to note it on the calendar, I ready my pen,
I get ahead of my friends in my haste, I let slip
that the zero day is coming, MC Front still ill equipped.
Boom how it hits you, when it comes
if you’re touching on an interface you steady your thumbs
since you might have to jump ship quick, the sting stuns
it isn’t designed to destroy, it’s just how it runs
and I sing fun songs but this here is a warning
that the exploit’s open and it might sound corny
but I give a damn about the state of the Earth
expect a hacker has to wreck it just to teach it what it’s worth.

And on the first day, it’s already too late…

Press play, prepare as history is made:
“largest hack in one day,” all the headlines will say.
All out of time, hear the chime from the buzzer.
Found this bug on my own, no need for a fuzzer.

“It’s already too late,” spreading as we planned.
No need for the NO OPs, I know just where to land.

Clearing out the registers, with pointers to my functions,
loaded to your memory and writing new instructions.

Braindump i/o, siphoned out the eye holes;
enticed so i’m digging through the disassembled byte code.

Push pop change order stack frame FILO
filesystem inodes, all fall to my flow.

Running over, there again i go:
self-propagation engine, polymorphic sideshow.

Every network, we’re found to get around…
the exploit payload encoded in this sound.

Man, cousin, I’m about to put in the work,
assert authority. Administrative access: crack this.
If your patches back in the past, this
0day gets you on a root trip. True crypt.
Key file, I will keystyle shell code,
triple sevens all up on the ch mod.
Shhh mode, how I’m keeping this here,
’cause if I keep my game on tight my 0day lasts another year.
You’re a little bit late.
I had that nfsd back in ninety-eight
and the DCOM bomb owned the Zone Alarm
so get your lip balm kitty; NEDM three fitty.
Got them bots in every city with the spamtec committee
and yt the almighty, zero day beats flying. And who’s giant?
That’s us. With the upstream plus, we’re CAN-SPAM compliant.

Yo, when it flips, new world is a permanent state.
Cultivate paranoia ’cause the Huns at the gate
are many millions strong, all arrive in a spate.
YT Crack and Int80 been shipping them freight.
All walls up to date, let them come, you can cope.
Pwn the rug out from under you and sunder your hopes.
Send a no points bulletin out; they’re undiscovered.
Eyes to the horizon! Not much longer undercover.


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