Posted by kecoak on Jan 1, 2009

Wassup und3r6r0unc1, 2009’s special edition is here!

First of all, f*ck to all of You, galz!

While you guyz are absolutely do nothing but talking ’bout our underground spirit, our underground team already buzy cracking high priority server, spreading backdoor, poisoning filesystem, redirecting router access, and implement new exploitation technique. But still, we’ll share some of our research cracking story last yaar to all of you bastard. This TokET is written while you guyz were enjoying long holiday with beer, sex and celebrating new year party. S*ck this new yaar present and read with your broken brain when you’re awake, monk!

We still love underground, and we still love to be in your system as well…

# Invisible Soldiers of K-Elektronik #

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7 Responses to “Wassup und3r6r0unc1, 2009’s special edition is here!”

  1. junker says:


    weh bahasanya serem euy..ati2 salah ketik..ixixixixixi…

  2. jck.mrshl says:

    n1c3 wr1t3 Vp, bVt n3xt t1m3, m4k3 1t m0r3 h4rd<0re

  3. QU1NT1N says:

    jadi si ‘you’ enak gak ya?

  4. totalchaos says:

    good stuffs,
    keep up the fuckin works..

  5. 007 says:

    wa da fak..!it’s really sexy guys!!

  6. Wakakakak Gebuk aje kiddo nya brur.

  7. DFX says:


    what the nice quotes?


  1. Kecoak Elektronik Indonesia » Metasploit: Backdooring - [...] ada yang tahu bahwa metasploit dapat digunakan untuk membuat backdoor, pernah juga disinggung pada toket edisi new year 2009.…

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