Posted by kecoak on Aug 7, 2009

Twitter, Facebook fend off DoS attacks

Users looking to update their Twitter feeds or Facebook pages were likely disappointed Thursday morning, as a denial-of-service attack made both services hard to reach.

Around 9 a.m. Eastern Time, the number of responses from micro-blogging service Twitter fell precipitously, reaching a bandwidth of 60 Mbps by 10:40 a.m. ET, according to Arbor Networks, a networking services firm. Twitter had reached nearly 200 Mbps prior to the drop.

The service continued to be impacted Thursday afternoon, reaching a peak of 150 Mbps, about half of its normal peak for that time of day, according to Arbor.

“As we recover, users will experience some longer load times and slowness,” Twitter stated on its status blog. “This includes timeouts to API clients. We’re working to get back to 100% as quickly as we can.”

Users also complained of issues accessing Facebook. The service confirmed midday on Thursday that, it too, had suffered a denial-of-service attack.

“You may have had trouble accessing Facebook earlier today because of network issues related to an apparent distributed denial-of-service attack,” the social network stated on its own Facebook page. “We have restored full access for most people. We’ll keep monitoring the situation to make sure you have the reliable experience you expect from us.”


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3 Responses to “Twitter, Facebook fend off DoS attacks”

  1. stefanus says:

    saya korban hacker nih…. facebook dan email saya telah di hack dan dia meminta saya membayar untuk mendapatkan facebook n Yahoo saya kembali…
    saya mo nanya gimana cara saya untuk mendapatkan facebook saya kembali…. thx…

    kalo bisa replay ke email saya yang baru . thx b4…..

  2. kopex says:

    kamu kena facebook frezeer.coba aja cari di google tutorialnya.ada kok.^^

  3. Indah says:

    Hei mau tanyak twitter saya kena hack tapi saya ga bisa perbaiki soalnya saya lupa password email jadi mohon bantuannya ya . 😀


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