Posted by kecoak on Jan 7, 2011

Toket Archive

It’s saturday morning, and I am re-organizing old stuff. I just remembered to put toket archive back online after looking at by our old fellow, cbug.

Baru-baru ini KEI pindah hosting dan domain name, and we were absolutely jerk. We wrote article very well for undergr0und community, but then just put them online without thinking if the article will be read or not, nor backed it up. Well, we don’t care. We just want to share anw.

Untungnya masih ada diantara kami yang menyimpan arsip lama toket, namun beberapa artikel ada yang hilang. So, jika kalian sempat nge-fans dengan kecoak *pret*, dan sempat menyimpan kumpulan toket terutama yang *missing*, please contact us. You can send email or sploit our hosting / blog and put them online by yourself, we don’t care. Just follow the previous format of the page. This is just shared hosting anyway, no private sh*t here ;).

Meanwhile, please find TOKET archive from here.

PS: please leave a comment here if you find broken link. thanks.

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3 Responses to “Toket Archive”

  1. kecoak = l33t

    😀 keren banggets dah

  2. name says:

    kalau tidak salah, dulu itu ada yng edisi tahun baru gitu?
    pas tahun 2009?? newyaredition kalo gak salah.. -.-

  3. byteSkrew says:

    iya ada. cm belum dimasukin…

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