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Technology’s Top Unsolved Cybercrimes

  • The WANK Worm (October 1989), Possibly the first “hacktivist” attack. the WANK (Worm Against Nuclear Killer) hit NASA offices in Greenbelt, Maryland, by running a banner across system computers as part of a protect to stop the launch of the plutonium-fueled, Jupiter-bound Galileo probe.

  • U.K. Ministry of Defense Satelite Hack (February 1999), A small group of hackers traced to southern England gained controol of MoD Skynet military satelite and signaled a security intrusion characterized by officials as “information warfare”, in which an enemy attack by disrupting military communications. In the end, the hackers managed to reprogram the control system before being discovered.

  • CD Universe Credit Card Breach (January 2000), A blackmail scheme gone wrong, the posting of more than 300,000 credit card numbers by hacker maxim on a Web site entitled “The Maxus Credit Card Pipeline” has remained unsolved since early 2000. Maxim stole the credit card information by by breaching; he or she then demanded $100.000 from the Web site exchange for destroying the data. While Maxim is believed to be from Eastern Europe, the case remains unsolved !.

  • Military Source Code Stolen (December 2000), If there’s one thing you don’t want in the wrong hands, it’s the source code that can controol missile-guidance systems. In winterr 2000, a hacker broke into government-contracted Exigent Software Technology and nabbed two thirds of the codde for Exigent’s OS/COMET software, which is responsible for both missile and satelite guidance , from the Naval Research Lab in Washington D.C. Officials followed the trail of the intruder, “Leaf”, to the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, but that’s wheere the trail appears to end.

Anyone can solve it ? ;P

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  1. 4G says:

    Mid of 2010…
    Stuxnet trying to do other damn things…

    but result into FAIYULURE…

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