Posted by kecoak on Dec 25, 2010

“Owned and Exposed” pwned some skiddy

If any skiddy community gets too big, we shut them down. If any lamer causes too much trouble, we shut them down. If any group keeps fucking stuff up, we stop them.

Enjoy the ezine!

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6 Responses to ““Owned and Exposed” pwned some skiddy”

  1. Don says:

    ^^another war seems like to be started

  2. lol says:

    dont worry don tukulesto kids, i know what u wanted, 2011 will be great, we love war a permanent war

  3. SJ says:


  4. crasher85 says:

    is don == Don == tr0n ?

    are don tukulest0, don endy, don Anto same person?

  5. wh0ami says:

    masa kagak ngerti itu attacknya pake web apps mereka. banyak high profile site sekarang dibobol skid cuma pake metode sql inject sama common web apps attack.

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