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How to boost router’s WiFi Signal ?

Keep Your Router Centred

Many people tend to place their Wi-Fi router near an outside wall in one corner of their house or apartment. This however usually results in a stronger signal on one side of the house and a weaker one on the other. To prevent this, place your router in middle of your home so that the signal is used efficiently. More importantly, make sure you don’t place the router on the floor, or too close to a wall or metal object (such as a filling cabinet), as these will cause interference and weaken the signal.

Eliminate Wireless Interference

If you use cordless phones, wireless keyboards or walkie talkies in your home, your desktop PC or notebook might not be able to clearly ‘hear’ your WiFi router over the noise from the other gadgets. To effectively eliminate this disturbance, avoid wireless electronic devices that use the 2.4GHz frequency, as this is the same frequency used by many routers on the market. Instead, opt for cordless phones or devices that use the 900MHz or 5.8GHz frequencies.

Replace The Antenna

The antenna included with your router is designed to send signals to all areas around the router. Therefore, if you place your router next to an outside wall, half of the signal will be sent outside your house (and could possibly be used by freeloading neighbours). Although the majority of routers on the market don’t let you increase their signal strength, you can make the most of the signal strength you have by purchasing a hi-gain antenna that sends signals in only one direction. You can the turn this antenna to face inside of your house.

Transform A Standard Antenna

If you dont have cash to spare, you can double your router’s signal strength by pointing your web browse at this site. This detailed video show you how to create an extender antenna using your router’s standard antenna, some copper wire, a straw, a wood screw and some very basic soldering skills. The whole process will take you around 10 minutes. The standard warning about potentially damaging your router applies, so if you’re unsure about your soldering skills, stick to the three top tips above.

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