Posted by kecoak on Jul 7, 2013

bounty oh bounty

recently we managed to exploit one of the enterprise network appliance. you can see? know what? yes, we will release the POC after getting bug bounty. so be patient :))


your company using this appliance?? no problem, they will immediately make improvements.



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  1. jck.mrshl says:

    coming soon ! new antihackerlink ! white hat edition ! Antihackerlink Real Open Source Projects !

    Antihackerlink lives and die under the sun – coming soon ! new antihackerlink open source projects, experiments, articles, tools, sploits, and robots.

    ~Antihackerlink never die ! it’s time to rock the world – be white hat for better anak cucu (tidak terkesan negatif di masyarakat)~

  2. muslim says:

    Min gimana supaya jaringan diHP cepet. Enggak lelet

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