Posted by kecoak on Dec 29, 2007

Backtrack 3 on MacBook

BT3 run smoothly on my Black MacBook 13″, hardware support is pretty impressive and I have no trouble at all installing it on the system. Just pick Run With Graphical (KDE) on booting and you’ll get nice system installed with it’s graphical view. I had lot of trouble manage resolution with BT2 or Gentoo GNU/Linux on MacBook because of it’s Intel Graphic adapter, but BT3 handle it nicely so I can got 1280×800 resolution. MacBook uses atheros chipset and BT3 detected it automatically, and Wireless Assistant detect my private wireless LAN which use WPA2 with PSK automatically (this is improvement of BT2). But there’s still such a weird bugs with wireless assistant where I have to try 2 times before connecting and associated into my private wlan, wireless assistant always failed in a first attempt.

MacBook use special keys (apple) and BT3 handle it well, i.e: I can move to console based from graphical using ctrl-alt-fn + F1. Almost all software inside also up-to-date so if you wanna install your favorite application, you should have no much trouble in dependencies. For real installation into harddisk, BT3 also offer to restore the original MBR after it successfully installed into the disk. So if you had another operating system running before, no worried about that because BT3 has option to restore the original boot loader back into MBR. All you need to do is copy the lilo.MBR into some removable media and copy into another system (ie. Microsoft Windows), then you can edit the boot loader of Microsoft Windows to add the lilo.MBR for booting BT3.

One thing which remain not so well for me is graphical booting after real installation. It’s not as good as graphical booting when we use live cd. I still haven’t tweak some configuration in lilo, but having nice graphical booting on default installation would be nice thing. Usually remote-exploit team will fix and give more impressive graphical on public release (not beta), so…we’ll see.

Backtrack on MacBook

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  1. cyril says:

    heey, nice article, but I have a 2nd gen macbook too, but if I boot bt3 on the live cd, backtrack is just starting up, so that’s not the problem. But How can I configure my built in wireless internet in backtrack, that doesn;t seem to work if you know what I mean.

    can you please help me?

  2. james says:

    Hi, I have an intel core 2 duo Macbook. I can get it to run using the live CD, but I’m having problems with my wireless connection. Probably not able to recognize my wireless card (it’s the standard wireless card on macbook)?

  3. dan says:

    I also have a macbook and am running Backtrack 3 on it, but I can’t seem to connect to my network-it gives me an error when selecting an interface. I’m using AirPort-the standard one

  4. justas says:

    I am also using the black macbook 13, 2.4GHz and when I try to run wireless assistant it shows this message “No usable wireless devices found. Wireless assistant will now quit.” Any ideas what can be done to fix this? perhaps some drivers?

  5. linux says:

    backtrack has drivers loaded to work with several usb wlan cards and builtin airpord express is not one of them. get yourself alfa awus065h and stop complaining. :>

  6. okay.... says:

    buy a wireless adapter airport is currently not supported at this time…
    or better yet get ubuntu it works perfectly on macbooks
    w/o the need to setup anythin 🙂

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