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Some individual which is used to be called ‘old people’ in Indonesian Underground said today’s scene is ‘membosankan, menjemukan, gak seru, gak rame, full-of-bullshit, terlalu sopan, terlalu money-oriented, profitable, etc ftc de-el-el’. But some (most?) of them said that this is a good thing, and it mean our community has developed where Indonesian Security beeing one of Industry field and seriously chosen as occupation.

Quite much of people/group use their community website to look for more money using SEO. Or even ‘talking about popular security from scenes‘ (yes, obviously not you who cracked that gov thing) to the media and started to setup their own security consultant business. Ah ya, there’s also seminar, workshop, write a book, hacking competition, media interview. Hum, tell me about it.

So, am i complaining about all of those thing?!well, no. Everyone need something to eat. Really. Not at all, it’s up to them and their way of life. I am just thinking that underground, well…I mean really really underground activity like the old time is not so much now in Indonesian scene. I just…we can say, missed it.

Unfortunately, not all of those white-hat leaved underground, yes my dear…I mean real underground. Some of those white-hat still crawling the night with their kiddies thing and break some system, even with bug like sql-injection. Complaining?! no, not at all. Once again, it’s up to them how they managed their life, their hacking activism.

I knew some white-hat with high-developed skill still loved to try-and-break the system, and it’s still fun to hanging-out with them. And guess what, they have stronger motivation to keep anonymous, remain UNKNOWN, out-of-the-light. Why?!obviously to protect their job, life, family.

But wait, not all of them in security Industry. Some of them also have very good job (non-security industry), featured with internet connection 24/7 in hand. They have background as a skidish, and still love that world. Although their security thing not as wide as security consultant/ hacker but they still write some exploit, research about today hacking trick, develop a tools for killing bored time and…break the system at lunch time in one annoying daily job. Keep UNKNOWN?! absolutely YES. Even trying to do it in a carefully steps to keep their activity anonymous, protect their job and also protect their family.

Those thing make me think about one thing, isn’t it sound like old UNDERGROUND?! they keep it anonymous, just appear in upperground one or two times for special moment (ie. political reason). Humm, do underground have changed these days?!not only a bunch of people with youth spirit who trying to break the system, but also a bunch of skilled people who is hired for protecting but still silently breaking other system for their fun?!

Well, among those new form of underground activity, we still also found some people (group?) do ‘underground war’, and yes…it’s quite interesting and fun. Test and break other’s group system, deface their website, steal some of their warez, backdooring their system, humiliating target via defacing, etc.

Btw, is this also happened in other scene?!

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  1. br0ke says:

    nice article freak!

  2. Black_Claw says:

    Then it is the time for the old jargon :
    “ungzip my pants and suck my tarbalzz” maybe? =))

  3. dave says:

    Bozz,Pleaze give Me, hack Zeny on ragnarok online game Indonesia

    Thank’s a lot


  4. eoshicute says:

    sorry gwa reply pake bahasa indo, habis bahasa inggris saya jelek =) cuman bisa baca, ngga bisa nulis =)

    hmm… artikel yang pedas… yang membuat orang-orang awam seperti saya merenung dan mencoba untuk menelaah lagi lebih dalam arti kata anonymous =)

  5. anonim says:

    Jadi apa namanya ? mau cari aman ? pengecut? segan untuk bertanggung jawab?
    komplain ? nggak ko cuma bertanya saja

  6. staff says:

    #5 silakan tanya langsung alasannya ke orng2 yg pake nick ‘anonim’, mau cari amankah? pengecutkah? segan untuk bertanggung jawab kah? =))

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